Southern Cinema Joins the Mobile Marketing Revolution with Vehicle Graphics in Cumming GA

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Southern Cinema operates its local showroom at 105 Canton Road. There, you have an opportunity to find out what luxurious home automation is all about. Whether you desire full home automation or a home theater system that impresses, this company is the one to call. When the business’ management team contacted us, its representative wanted to talk about marketing and branding with vehicle graphics in Cumming GA. Mobile Marketing with Vehicle Graphics and Lettering We worked with the company to put together a presentation that improves name recognition and brand awareness. When visiting customers and prospective clients, the firm uses a nondescript vehicle. We changed this aspect of the look. On the sides, it now features the corporate name and logo on the doors. Toward the back, you notice the phone number. Niche-specific images include the “pause” and “play” icons you typically see on a video. Now, when the business sends a technician into the field, the professional arrives in a branded vehicle. Along the way, the message is sure to resonate with plenty of other motorists as well as pedestrians. How Mobile Marketing Works You leverage the visibility of your vehicle to introduce a brand. For established businesses, this process works well to underscore brand awareness. Brand introduction. Newcomers to an area use mobile marketing to become a household name quickly. Whether you are expanding your service territory, doing business in a new community, or opening a new franchise in the area, it pays to get the word out through mobile marketing. Brand awareness building. When you have already been doing business in your area for a while, consider the advantages of advertising with your car. Help those in your service area connect your corporate identity with the products or services you offer. It is not enough for them to know your logo; prospective customers must also be able to combine this understanding with knowledge of your niche. Brand knowledge. Next, ensure that the consumer knows what your brand stands for. How do you differentiate yourself from the competition? In fields where there is a lot of rivalry for a territory, your brand sets you apart from others. However, unless your customers know what makes you different, they will not necessarily choose your firm. Use a vehicle for displaying graphics and lettering that pinpoint branding details. Advertising is another angle to take with vehicle graphics in Cumming GA. Choose from short or long-term displays. Some companies routinely feature graphics for upcoming sales events. Others focus on seasonal opportunities. For service businesses, consider the use of seasonal displays that augment your year-round messages. Selecting a Graphics Package for Your Mobile Marketing Presence Discuss your plans with our graphic artist. We help you choose the right images, lettering, and message presentation. Moreover, we also assist you with selecting the coverage that makes sense for the information you want to get out. Whether you have all the specs in hand or still need some ideas, we can help. Contact us today to get started on your...

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Top 3 Office Directory Signs Alpharetta GA Business Owners Prefer

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A directory does more than spell out who is doing business at your location. The sign’s design and overall presentation set the tone for interactions with your brand. There are plenty of options available to you. Here are the three office directory signs Alpharetta GA, businesses buy. 1. Building-Mounted Directories Draw the Eye and Generate Foot Traffic An excellent example is a project we completed for Workspace. This venue has sufficient room for six companies. This setup puts it into the mid-sized space category. Moreover, its setting is sophisticated with an emphasis on brick walls and old-world doors. The signage has a contemporary flair that combines a brushed aluminum panel with high-gloss acrylic plaques. The effect is eye-catching. 2. Post and Panel Directories Govern Foot Traffic at Larger Properties Highly visible even from a distance away, these signage solutions create areas where first-time visitors get information. Incorporate the venue’s name, address, and facilities that a building houses. These signage types are excellent for Alpharetta medical facilities, school campuses, and more extensive office parks. Choose your corporate palette for the backdrop color and the accent tones. 3. Interior Directories Help Clients with Their Wayfinding Needs The directories you might install on the inside come in a variety of sizes. Some cover the various floors of a building while others address different wings. But notice that they are typically displaying with a slight curvature. This is not an accident. Instead, it is a design choice that makes the information easier to read for people looking at the sign from different angles. The most common material choice is acrylic. The style that members of the local business community favor involves the use of slide-in or pop-in labels. We imprint them with the company’s name and suite number. When a tenant moves out, the management company can turn the slide-in label around. Instead of displaying outdated information, visitors to the building now see a blank space that nevertheless fits in perfectly with the color scheme of the signage. How to Pick Out Office Directory Signs Alpharetta GA, Consumers Respond To You want to be seen. However, you also want clients and customers visiting your location to feel comfortable with their ability to find what they are looking for. In the process, you recognize that these signage solutions make excellent branding and marketing tools. We can help. Choose the display location. Do you need to reach consumers outside of your building or those who are on the inside? This decision affects the types of signage solutions you might select. While you would not consider a post and panel sign inside, a pylon could work. Select the materials. Brushed aluminum, acrylic, and PVC are just a few of the products you might consider. Other options include aluminum composite boards and wood. Pick out a color scheme. We typically recommend going with your corporate color scheme. That said, there are times when a black and silver presentation works better. We can help you make this decision after a site survey. We handle the rest. Call us today to get started on your sign...

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Barkfield Inn and Animal Hospital Impresses with a New Monument Sign in Cumming GA

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Located at 108 Mary Alice Park Road, the Barkfield Inn and Animal Hospital provides dog hotel and daycare facilities along with boarding. Also operating a mobile vet clinic, this business puts the needs of pets and their owners first. When it came time to discuss the setup of a new monument sign in Cumming GA, the management team contacted Meridian Signs and Graphics. Non-Lit Monument Sign Combines a Stone Base with Acrylic Style Elements The old monument sign consisted of a post and panel structure that showed signs of severe weathering. It was hard to read even from a short distance. After discussing the signage needs with the client, we designed, manufactured, and installed a solid stone base. We used it as the bottom portion of a monument board that would feature dimensional letters. The top portion consists of a cabinet structure that presents the business’ attractive white on blue brand coloring. The bottom part displays the services menu as well as the names of the primary staff members. Dimensional letters are easy to read even from a long distance away. The combination of white on blue as well as black on white lettering is eye-catching. Why Any Brick and Mortar Business Needs a Monument Sign A monument sign fulfills a number of functions. Wayfinding. Monument signs target primarily drivers. They make it easy for a motorist to see the upcoming driveway entrance of a company’s location. Doing so enables the driver to change lanes and prepare to merge. Without a monument sign, a prospective driver may miss the turn and decide to keep on going and turn elsewhere. Brand awareness building. Do your customers know what you do? Can they connect your products or services to your brand expression? There is a good chance that newcomers to the area or infrequent clients need a little help. By combining a services menu with your brand colors and corporate name, you help the customer to build brand awareness. Advertising. Tell people what you do and stand for. It is not enough to display your name alone. Unless your company has become a household name or is synonymous with a product line or service, it is best to market your firm. The more information you provide, the better. A monument sign offers plenty of space for doing so. How to Order a New Monument Sign in Cumming GA In some cases, you may not even need a new sign. If you currently have a box cabinet that has some outdated fronts, we can replace those. Doing so is inexpensive and can significantly boost your corporate persona’s visibility from the street. However, if your sign is old, tired, or just outdated, it is time for a change. Our business sign experts can help. We assist you with the selection of s style and structure that uniquely encapsulate your brand message. Moreover, we ensure that this setup matches the architectural style of your building. We discuss the possibility of illumination, material choices, and similar style elements. Meridian Signs and Graphics serves the business communities in and around Cumming, Atlanta, Alpharetta, Roswell, Johns Creek,...

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Your Business Gets Attention with Window Graphics in Metro Atlanta

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How do you reel in foot traffic? Signage is a significant aspect. However, did you know that featuring the right window graphics in Metro Atlanta could substantially boost the attention that consumers pay to your storefront or office? Window Banding Graphics Highlight Products and Services When you have tall windows, use the upper, lower, or middle portions to break up the monotony of the glass. Depending on your use of the windows, banding can make a significant impact on the way that passersby interact with your brand. For example, consider the presentation of your brand color as the backdrop. Next, highlight the products and services you offer in a highly visible font. Do one notation per glass panel, which helps set you apart from the competition. Window Lettering and Graphics Restate Your Brand Message and Expand on It Choose lettering that restates the information you already presented with a building sign. Typically, this refers to your company’s name. Add a logo graphic to bring some color to your glass. But you do not have to stop there. Expand on your corporate information by underscoring your niche details. For example, a real estate office might highlight whether it handles residential or commercial properties. Other items of interest could include hours of operation and contact information. Frosted and Etched Window Graphics Add Pizzazz and Offer Privacy Today’s fishbowl design puts people on display in their offices and conference rooms. Although the mix of glass and chrome looks attractive, it is not all that functional. However, you do not have to add drywall when this contemporary appearance appeals to you. Instead, consider the installation of frosted and etched vinyl window decals. Our technicians can design a look that supports the overall interior décor of your setting. Geometric shapes, the inclusion of your name and logo, and any cutouts you might want are just some ideas. Perforated Vinyl Window Wraps Impress with Size and Color Catch the eyes of passersby with a work of art on your windows. Marketing with windows has never been easier. You choose the design and graphics content. This setup allows you to draw attention to specific products or brands with larger-than-life presentations. Best of all, you do not have to sacrifice functionality of the windows. By selecting perforated vinyl, you can still see out. Sunlight comes in. But from the outside, the customer only sees your graphics and lettering. Window wraps are so unusual that consumers cannot help but look. Selecting the Right Window Graphics in Metro Atlanta Which vinyl window graphics product is right for you? Should you advertise with banding, reinforce your signage with lettering, opt for privacy displays, or go for the full-cover perforated setup? If you are unsure which product – or set of products – is right for you, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artist. We help you recognize how these signage solutions could boost your business’ name recognition and brand awareness among consumers. Moreover, we gladly come out and take measurements, which will help us to give you suggestions regarding sizes and shape options. Call us today to get started on your...

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Choosing LED Letters Alpharetta GA Customers Are Sure to Notice!

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You might also know the LED letters Alpharetta GA, consumers respond to as channel letters. We know them as the most popular building signs currently on the market. You want your customers to see you. In fact, you want all consumers to notice your presence. Reeling in foot traffic and converting shoppers into buyers is vital. What Sets Channel Lettering Apart from Other Signage? LED letters replicate the display of your company’s name. Customers recognize it because they visited your website. Maybe they are already familiar with your brand. By placing the brand information on your façade in this way, you help shoppers to connect with your corporate identity. Unlike other dimensional letters, however, LED versions offer the advantage of illumination. Choosing the Right LED Setup How do you want the light to display on your building? Front lit. In this setup, the light escapes through the fronts of the letters that we close off with polycarbonate. We paint the material in your custom color. Doing so boosts this tone after dark. Halo lit. When you want the light to bathe each letter in a soft halo of illumination, the backlit setup is your best choice. We close the backs of the letters with transparent polycarbonate. Next, we mount the lettering a couple of inches off the wall. As the light escapes through the backs, it reflects off the façade. Choose clear LEDs or opt for colorful alternatives that support your brand message. Combination. Some clients want both. We can accommodate this request but suggest that you increase the numbers of LEDs. Failure to do so dims some of the effects. Open face. For store owners with an avant-garde look, this concept reminds of the old neon lights. We close the fronts with clear polycarbonate, which leaves the light sources visible. For the right brand, this lighting setup ideally underscores the message. Taking the Letters Inside The majority of LED letters Alpharetta GA, customers see will be on the outside of your location. Our technicians most likely mount them to the façade near your main entrance. But did you know that there is now a movement to have these letters on the inside, too? Our technicians can adjust the design for size. Moreover, we can change the depths to suit the wall setup inside your location. In this way, these letters can be suitable for wayfinding signs that signal the entrance to a department. They are also good choices for a lobby sign. Support Your Illuminated Brand Message with Secondary Signage You succeed in catching the eye of the consumer. Now what? With support signage, you can continue the dialog that the building sign began. A-frames, for example, substantially boost your ability to display must-know details about your message. Feature menus, prices, and specials. Another excellent support signage option is a set of window graphics. We recommend repeating your brand color combination for driving home the point of brand awareness. In fact, when you contact our experts today, we can walk you through the process of choosing the LED letters for your business. If you like, we can also...

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