Sharon Pointe Adds New Fabricated Monument Sign in Suwanee GA

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The Sharon Pointe HOA had a problem. Officials widened the road that went into the covenant-controlled area. However, the old monument sign was too big to fit now. Therefore, the HOA needed a new signage solution. This was when our sign shop got a call for assistance. Putting Together a Fabricated Monument Sign in Suwanee GA The fabricated sign looks professional and sophisticated. At the same time, it has a contemporary presentation. The sign appears to have been crafted with river rocks, which is actually an optical illusion. Instead, it consists of hardened sign foam that has been manufactured to look like rocks. This sign is sufficiently narrow to fit perfectly at the entrance of the neighborhood. Why Choose Fabricated Monument Signs? What sets apart the fabricated setup from so many others is its versatility. Size. There are many heights and widths. It is fair to say that there is a monument for any space. Whether you have limited room to work with or want to represent multiple company names, there is a size that suits your needs. Design. Just as there are numerous sizes, there are also plenty of designs. Some monuments are straight while others present with curvatures. Besides that, you might have the sign look as though it is finished with bricks, stucco, river rocks, or lumber. Finish options. For Sharon Pointe, the client requested a contemporary panel that displays with gold on black lettering. However, you do not have to follow suit if you want to select a different look. Pick from dimensional letters, channel letters, or a box cabinet. Durability. Foam is supremely durable. It can withstand high winds and anything else that nature might throw at it. Besides that, it does not allow for water or insect damage. Other Types of Monuments When you are not sure that a fabricated monument sign in Suwanee GA, is the right option, there are other choices, too. A case in point is the brick and mortar monument that you might select. We build it from the ground up with rebar. This is the kind of sign that has stood the test of time. It looks great, is durable, and will be at the entrance to your venue for years or decades to come. Another option is the design of a metal monument sign. This is a modern twist that typically combines with push-through acrylic letters and interior illumination. This sign is a favorite of hospitals and similar venues that want to make their information visible after dark. Choosing the Right Lettering Dimensional letters are common choices for monument signs. Selections include acrylic, metal, or PVC. You might also consider the display of a finished metal plaque or a panel displaying your information. When you like the idea of illumination, we recommend the use of a lightbox cabinet. We can scale it down to be thin and integrate into an existing monument. In other cases, we can design a monument sign that consists of a box cabinet. With so many options open to you, it makes sense to contact our sign shop to learn more about the...

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Davinci Court Office Complex Benefits From Refurbished Monument Signs in Atlanta!

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Recently, we did some work at 3720-3740 Davinci Court, which is under the management of Banyan Street Capital. This property is a sizable office complex just off Peachtree Parkway. As a Class A complex, it needed refurbished monument signs in Atlanta that would be highly visible from the street. Saving the Client Money while Creating Aesthetic Upgrades to Existing Monument Signs Before we began the work, the monument signs had an attractive brick exterior with a tile front. The lettering and numerals took up the upper third of the sign. This style used to be popular but is no longer considered contemporary. New paint for the brick. Our team began by repainting the brick and ledges of the existing signs. They were in excellent repair and only needed a good cleaning for the paint to adhere properly. Refacing of the monument. Next, we removed the tiles that gave the signs a dated look. Instead, we refaced the signage with a color that complements the reddish brick tone. It creates a contemporary display that offers a good color contrast. New dimensional letters. This time around, the dimensional letters take up three-quarters of the sign. It makes the name of the venue far more visible from the street. We used slightly thicker dimensional numerals to identity the street numbers. Do You Need a New Monument Sign? Maybe Not! It is tempting to believe that the outdated monument sign in front of your property needs to be replaced. And if it is in severe disrepair, you might be right. However, signs that have good “bones” typically do very well with a refurbishing. We can easily change the look and feel of the sign and modernize it for a contemporary visual appeal. It starts with a site survey that allows us to inspect the signage and gauge its overall structural safety. Besides that, we ensure that the structure is up to code. This is of particular importance when you have an illuminated monument marker on your property. Next, we create plans for what the finished product might look like. We propose changes to the paint colors as well as updates to the lettering that you currently display. If you opt for dimensional letters, we might suggest acrylic or metal, which are both very durable materials. Of course, we can also retrofit most monuments to support illuminated signage or the display of a box cabinet. How to Commission Your Refurbished Monument Signs in Atlanta We work with a broad range of signage products to upgrade their looks. Take a page from the playbook of Banyan Street Capital, and call us to work on your existing brick and mortar signage. That said, we can also take on post and panel signs that we then modernize and improve. The same is true for many prefabricated foam monuments that are becoming so popular in and around the Atlanta area. It all starts with the site survey. Invite us out to visit your location and inspect the monument sign you currently have on your site. Contact us today to schedule your...

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Is It Possible to Use Channel Letters Inside Your Business in Atlanta?

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You are already familiar with dimensional letters for your signage inside the office or storefront. However, could you put channel letters inside your business in Atlanta? The answer is yes. In fact, there are several ways to go about it. Take Advantage of Ledges, Overhangs, and Similar Architectural Style Elements Does your venue house different departments? Maybe you have doors that denote the transition from one to the next. Make wayfinding simpler with the help of illuminated channel letters. We can build these letters to scale, which ensures that we integrate them perfectly with the architectural style elements your space offers. Capitalize on a Focal Wall with a Mural and Channel Letter Sign The focal wall is the first thing the customer sees when entering your location. What does your wall say? With channel letters that cover more than two-thirds of the wall space, you can create a powerful brand display. Heighten this appearance with a wall mural that bespeaks your brand impression. You might feature images that show your employees at work, out in the community, or volunteering. Most offices or stores have blank walls that currently only highlight a few posters or artwork. Choose one of them to become your new brand expression wall. Combine Box Cabinets with Push-Through Channel Letters The ultimate brand presentation is a combination of channel letters and lightbox cabinets. This mix allows for vivid impressions that heavily lean on your brand message. Choose the display of your lobby sign as the center or create an utterly stand-alone setup. Both options work well in virtually any space. Opting for the Right Illumination As is the case with outdoor channel letters, you can choose the illumination options for your indoor channel letter signage, too. Front lit. The most vibrant color presentation is, without a doubt, the front lit display. It allows the light to escape from the front, which encourages the hues from the signage to shine brightly. Halo lit. In this setup, the light escapes through the backs of the letters. It bathes each individual letter in a soft glow of illumination. This results in a sophisticated look that is fantastic for light and dark contrasts. Combination. Of course, there are also the customers who want the best of both worlds. We can add several LEDs that allow for a vibrant front lit experience while you can still enjoy the halo illumination. Putting Channel Letters Inside Your Business in Atlanta What could a set of channel letters do for the interior of your business? Maybe you want to find a new way of presenting your lobby sign. Channel letters are ideally suited. We can combine them with a box cabinet to feature your logo symbol, too. Then again, you might want to present your corporate persona as part of a branding display. In this setting, the importance is on the color play as well as the surrounding signage. Entrust our graphic artist with the sketch for this display. Finally, you may want to rely on the illuminated channel letters as wayfinding tools. We can help make them stand out in all the right...

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How to Consider the Best Size for Building Signs in Atlanta GA

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Did you know that a building sign can be too big? It is not easy to get to this point, but it is possible to reach a tipping point when signage is too much for the architectural details. It is much easier to go too small, which is a common mistake our sign team notices when driving around the city. Here is what you need to know about hitting the sweet spot and ordering the best size for building signs in Atlanta GA. Determine the Function of Your Building Sign Some Atlanta companies have poor street visibility. Here, the building sign is more of a wayfinding product than an advertisement. A secondary product, typically a monument or pylon, will fulfill the advertising function. Therefore, it is sufficient to have something like a dimensional letter building sign that fits perfectly above the entrance way. We usually recommend sizing the lettering in keeping with this space. That said, the company with a need for displaying a brand and advertising message needs to focus more on size and width. If budgetary constraints are in place, we recommend focusing primarily on this marker and then adding on supportive signage separately. How Fast is Traffic Going Past Your Location? You have determined the function of your building sign. Next, it is essential to gauge the speed of traffic. We typically recommend coming out for a site survey, which helps us to determine how fast cars are driving past your establishment. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the speed limit, the taller the letters need to be. For example, if speed is near 50 miles per hour and you want to ensure that you are being seen from a ways away, you need something that is about 22 inches tall. Taller might be better. Moreover, this is not the type of sign that should have many decorative touches. A simple 3D letter sign that states your company’s name could be the best choice. Adjusting the Sizing of Individual Style Elements for Content This consideration comes into play when you opt for a channel letter and cabinet sign combo. There is a hierarchy here. Lettering. Identifying your corporate persona is the essential function of your signage. Therefore, these letters always have to be the most substantial aspect of the signage. Images. Graphics that identify your logo tie together your corporate identity. The sizing must not overshadow the primary lettering but should be sufficiently large so that it will not be mistaken for mere decorative touches. Secondary text. Any other wording might be niche explanations, taglines, and the like. This writing is smaller and does not have to catch the attention of passersby or drivers in the same way that the primary text does. Boosting the Visibility of Signage Sign positioning is a primary tool we use when increasing the visibility of any sign. Although placing the style elements above an entrance is a great option, it is not the only choice. When it makes the sign easier to see, we might also place them closer to a building’s corner. Find out the best size...

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Why Your Business Should Consider Advertising with Van Wraps in Atlanta GA!

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Meridian Signs and Graphics routinely works with business owners who consider advertising with van wraps in Atlanta GA. What sets apart this signage solution from others? Most importantly, how can you harness its effectiveness for your business? Mobile Marketing Takes Your Brand Message on the Road Van wraps are the only signs that you can put in different spots at different times. Is there a restoration or remodeling trade show downtown? Drive around in the area and present your company’s details to prospective customers who are heading to or from the show. The same goes for advertising where your target demographic works and plays. Strategic placement of your van succeeds in creating brand awareness. Introducing Prospective Customers to Your Name Another advantage of advertising with van wraps is the ease with which you can present your corporate persona to a new demographic. This is an essential step when you are looking to increase your service territory. Besides that, it benefits companies that are coming into the area and competing with already established service providers. In this way, the mobile marketing revolution assists you with generating name and brand recognition. The Makeup of the Ideal Wrap Product Full or partial wrap. A full wrap covers the entirety of the van’s exterior. In contrast, a partial wrap may cover a quarter, half, or three-quarters of the vehicle. Our graphic artist works with you to determine which portions to cover with imprinted vinyl and where to let your vehicle’s base color come through. This decision becomes an integral aspect of the design process. Coverage areas. Our team focuses the brand-building style elements on the upper third of the van’s exterior. If you are stuck in traffic, this area is the most visible. That said, we also add information to other areas of the vehicle. Some clients request to have information placed on their doors while others opt for the hood of the van. Lettering. In addition to the wrap product, many business clients have had excellent success with using lettering that spells out a services menu, which differentiates one company from its competition. Envision how this setup could help your business stand out today. Working with the Experts on Advertising with Van Wraps in Atlanta GA There is a lot more that goes into the design of a wrap for your van. Examples include the optional style elements such as niche-specific images and QR codes. Besides that, some companies decide to introduce dedicated web pages to track the success of consumer engagement with their brands. Therefore, it makes sense to talk through your options with our graphic artist. This specialist understands the best practices when putting together van wraps for business clients. Besides that, they can help you with staying within your budget, which is a significant consideration for most clients. Most importantly, our team can help you see the new wrap through the eyes of a customer for the first time. It is an excellent opportunity for gauging the effectiveness of the product. Meridian Signs and Graphics serves the business communities in and around Atlanta, Milton, Duluth, Alpharetta, Canton, Marietta, Cumming,...

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