RestorePoint Educates Clients with Retractable Banners in Alpharetta GA

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Late last year, we helped the data protection experts at RestorePoint with a 3D letter logo lobby sign. It transformed the look of the focal wall in the company’s lobby. This year, the client contacted us again. This time, there was a need for retractable banners in Alpharetta GA. Putting Together a Professional Banner and Stand Combination The company’s management team asked for two retractable banners and accompanying stands. These signs would introduce customers to the business’ data protection and adaptive security platforms. The backdrops for these banners feature the deep green color that customers already know from the website. At the top, you notice the corporate name and logo. From there, we alternated lettering with symbols, which provides a message rich in mnemonic devices. Toward the bottom of each banner, you see a brief tagline. The business uses it to helps its customers associate the service with activity. This option translates into an excellent call to action. The banners are ideally suited for display inside a lobby. The company’s team might also take them on the road to trade shows or expo hall meetings. When giving presentations at corporate gatherings, the banners make excellent backdrops for a speaker. Transporting them is a snap since they easily roll up into the cassettes that also double as the signs’ stands. Other Banner Stand Options You like the retractable banner stand but are not entirely sure that this will work for you. There are other options. Telescopic stand. Opt for a product that can go as tall as you need it to be. These stands come in a variety of widths and offer adjustable heights. Choose from single or double-sided banner displays. Spring back stand. A budget-friendly solution for any company, the X-banner stand makes setup of the signage quick and easy. The configuration of the spring back ensures that the banner never shows any creases. Moreover, taking down the vinyl and putting the stand back into its carrying case is an easy process. Tension fabric frame. Fabric frames are getting more popular with business owners looking for banner stands. Exchanging the vinyl material for fabric, they pair the stands with modular fabric frames for trade show backdrops. Because some include illumination, they make excellent attention getters anywhere that you plan to display the information. When You Have Decided on Retractable Banners in Alpharetta GA Of course, the retractable banner stand is the workhorse of the trade show circuit for a reason. Its durability and ease of use have endeared it to countless business owners and marketing managers. Not surprisingly, you see these products in the lobbies of government buildings, banks, and law offices. They are a common sight anywhere that corporate events take place. It is, in fact, possible to boost the good looks of the signage with a variety of options. Examples include the stand base color that might be silver or black as well as the end caps that frequently come in different colors, too. If we have persuaded you to give the banner stand another look when undertaking your customer education, contact our experts for...

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Metal Plaques Make Great Building Signs for Georgia Companies

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More and more business owners are selecting plaques for their building signs. They create a brand message that underscores the longevity of a company in its niche. These signage solutions also add eye-catching pizzazz. What are your options when considering plaques for a façade? Metal Plaques Make Great Building Signs for Georgia Companies Case in point is the Joanne Curtin Team, which consists of a group of real estate professionals with a Keller Williams Realty affiliation. The business’ brand message emphasizes experience and expertise in the niche. Its metal plaque, which features silver-on-black-lettering displays, echoes this brand communication. The same is true for O’Kelley & Sorohan, Attorneys at Law. Both plaques mount to a brick wall, which creates a fantastic visual counterpoint. Moreover, the use of the metal significantly enhances the overall attention that the signage receives from passersby. Plaques are still sufficiently unusual to turn heads no matter where you display them. Options for Any Branding Need Metal looks professional inside your venue as well as on the exterior. Use plaques for building signs or to dress up monuments. There are typically two basic design options to decide on. Cast metal creates a backdrop setting from which the lettering stands out in a three-dimensional design. They present with a classic elegance that you might find in memorial applications, street number presentations, and dedication plaques. City and county seals typically follow a cast design. But what happens when you want to include a lot of detail in your design? The casting process can make the lettering more challenging to read. In these scenarios, we recommend etching the metal. Instead of a 3D look, the lettering becomes part of the metal. We fill the grooves with a contrasting paint color that allows for crisp edges and even permits for the presentation of photographic details. Both design options look great when using copper, bronze, stainless steel, or brass. Installing Metal Plaques The majority of business clients ask for flush mounts. Metal plaques make great building signs for Georgia companies, and this installation method creates a clean look on the façade’s surface. However, when the wall does not allow for this option, we suggest the use of standoffs. Depending on the lengths of these tools, we can make the plaque appear to float above the wall’s surface. Some clients like for this display to be pronounced; others prefer to get as close to a flush mount as possible. Putting in Your Order Today Our experts can help you select the right plaque for your business. We start by helping you decide on the metal selection. Typically, clients like the metal’s beauty to shine through, which works well for etched displays. But if you like the high contrast between a dark background and metal-colored 3D letters, then the casting process may be a better option. By the way, we can also show you what the product would look like if we painted it. Find out how this signage solution could become an invaluable asset to your business’ wall setup by contacting our specialists...

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Peachtree Tower Makes Wayfinding a Snap with Dimensional Letters in Atlanta GA

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The lobby area of the Peachtree Tower had a problem. Visitors to the location had a difficult time finding their ways around. At the same time, locating wayfinding signage that would fit in perfectly with the overall atmosphere of the venue was difficult. This was when our sign shop got the call to discuss product options. Wayfinding with Dimensional Letters in Atlanta GA After meeting with the client, we suggested the use of custom painted aluminum letters. These are dimensional letters, which are lightweight. Because we could adjust their sizing and spacing, it was possible to make them fit in perfectly with already existing architectural style elements. We went ahead and created letters with a black paint job that now identify Peachtree Tower as well as the North and South Towers. They stand out visually with black against white color presentations. Concurrently, they fit in perfectly with the overall look and feel of the venue. Other Wayfinding Signage Solutions Dimensional letters were an excellent option for this project. They ensured that the signs would not detract from the interior décor. Depending on your needs, you might benefit from other signage solutions. Acrylic boards. We can apply an imprinted overlay to painted acrylic boards, which allow for the presentation of your messages. Another option is the routing of the details. Of course, if you have your heart set on dimensional letters, we can mount them to one of these boards as well. Acrylic boards are ideal for interior and exterior applications. Post and panel signs. For parking lot wayfinding needs, consider the installation of post and panel signs. Shape the boards into arrows, which enhance your message. By starting your communication with the customer early, you prevent frustration along the way. A happy customer who feels at ease with your venue’s setup is more likely to return. Retractable banner stands. For temporary wayfinding needs, we recommend banners. Retractable banner stands let you store the vinyl products until you need them. These are excellent options for conventions, trade shows, or when hosting special events at your location. Appreciating the Versatility of Dimensional Letters Did you know that there are plenty of uses for dimensional letters in Atlanta GA? Interior wayfinding functions are only one option. When we work with clients, they are frequently surprised to learn just how many different things you can accomplish with these products. Case in point is the use of the lettering for a lobby sign. We help you to decide on the right size and material selection. On the outside of your location, dimensional letters are ideally suited for a building sign. We can flush-mount them directly to the wall or use standoffs for surfaces that do not allow for this technique. Typical materials include acrylic, metal, and outdoor rated sign foam. If we have piqued your interest in finding out more about the use of this signage solution for your interior or exterior venue needs, discuss your thoughts with our experts. We gladly show you what your location could look like with dimensional letters in...

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Real Estate Development Company Marks Newest Project with Post and Panel Signs in Atlanta GA

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Oak Hall Companies does business out of Suite 195 at 5256 Peachtree Road. The firm specializes in residential as well as commercial real estate development. It handles everything from pre-development over project management to pricing. When the company’s management team needed new post and panel signs in Atlanta GA, a representative contacted our shop to discuss the details. Construction Post and Panel Signs for Oak Hall Companies We met with the company to discuss the scope of the project. The team needed two separate signs. One identifies the company and its brand. For this product, we used a white post that features a black-rimmed, white board. It displays the corporate name and logo as well as the brand colors. Visitors to the site learn about the developer’s identity and can connect online via a website address. The second sign is taller than the first one. For structural reasons, we used a dual-post design. Although it presents the company’s name and phone number at the bottom, its emphasis is safety. It displays job site safety rules in English and Spanish. It points out construction hazards and presents the phone number for emergencies. Doing so ensures that seasoned workers, as well as first-time apprentices, know what to expect at this location and how to put safety first. We installed both post and panel signs offset from one another, with the safety marker toward the outside and slightly ahead of the other setup. The Versatility of the Post and Panel Display What sets apart this product from other signage solutions is the versatility of the medium. Opt for one post or two. Materials could include vinyl, wood, or metal. The same is true for the panels. Add imprinted vinyl overlays or opt for removable acrylic boards that mount to the panels. Another option is the installation of dimensional letters. Some setups feature ornate post toppers and feet. Other might add illumination. Stand them tall for oncoming traffic or angle the panel to allow for a great view of a location that the board then explains. Not surprisingly, these signs are popular across multiple niches and fields. Municipalities like the signs as explanatory markers in national parks, points of interest, and arboretums or zoos. Businesses sometimes select them as alternatives to monument signs. They work great when there are multiple companies doing business at the same address. Post and panel setups make excellent scoreboards for high schools and sports leagues. And, of course, the construction trade appreciates these markers for their broad range of functions. What Could Your Company Do with Post and Panel Signs in Atlanta GA? Even if you already have a monument sign in place and do not need any construction markers, there may be other uses for these products. For example, how are your exterior wayfinding signs doing? If they do not meet your customers’ needs, a few well-placed post and panel setups could do the trick. Contact our experts today to learn more about this signage solution and find out how you could leverage its versatility to your...

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Atlanta Namadwaar Welcomes the Faithful with Dimensional Letters in Cumming GA

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Located at 239 Atlanta Road, the Atlanta Namadwaar opened its doors in November of 2017. To prepare the prayer house for the visiting faithful, the organization’s planners contacted the business sign specialists at Meridian Signs and Graphics to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of dimensional letters in Cumming GA. Dimensional Letters for Wayfinding We met with the client to discuss the scope of the project. We learned that the signage would go immediately above an entry door, which features a half circle bit of wall space. We adjusted the sizing of the lettering to be sufficiently large for effective wayfinding while still providing a visually pleasing display that maximizes the use of the area. Our technicians painted the material in charcoal gray, which contrasts very well with the light gray entry wall color. Now, the entrance to the prayer house is easy to find and looks attractive. Meridian Signs and Graphics Specializes in Church Signage It is no accident that the operators of the Atlanta Namadwaar contacted our sign shop for assistance. We have a well-established track record of creating a broad range of signage solutions for a variety of faith communities in the area. Printed canvas signs for the foyer. Case in point is the Highlands Church in Cumming. We worked with the team from this faith community to put together canvas prints that would welcome guests and new members to the foyer of the building. Dimensional letters for interior walls. When working with the First Baptist Church, we designed 3D wall signage using dimensional letters rather than vinyl graphics. Our technicians created the products by using acrylic that they painted in a variety of different colors. The product looks attractive and inviting for members of the children’s ministry. Interior channel letters. For the middle school ministry at the Browns Bridge Church, we created a couple of sets of interior channel letters. They transform the way that the interior looks. Moreover, these signs make a great impression on the young teens, who come to the venue for meetings and lessons. Remember that Excellent Signage Starts on the Exterior Of course, these signage solutions work so well because the faith communities have invested in excellent building signs. Without the right combination of interior and exterior markers, it is impossible to attract the foot traffic that you are looking for. Dimensional letters in Cumming GA, are good options when you do not need illumination for the sign. For example, when there are already façade lights in place, you typically do not need to double up with independently lit building markers. That said, some clients prefer to have signage that does light up. This includes lightbox cabinets and channel letters. The latter are examples of the ultimate dimensional letter display. Choose from front lit, halo lit, or combination lit displays. Electrical cabinets typically present as a rectangular box that features your church’s information alongside any taglines, sayings, or other specific messages you want visitors to see. When you are ready to add new signage to your church or related building, we can help. Meridian Signs and Graphics serves the business communities...

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