Atlanta Trade Show Displays: 3 Exhibits You Need for Success!

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Are you planning to introduce a new product or service at the next trade show? It is an excellent way of getting exposure. However, you cannot show up to the expo with the same setup that you used last time. Attendees will recognize it and not take you seriously. We can help with contemporary, budget-friendly Atlanta trade show displays.

Canopies are Fully Customizable and Easy to Update

budget-friendly Atlanta trade show displaysIf you invested in a canopy last season, you are in a perfect position. If you have not, make the purchase this year.

  • Customizable banners. At the top of the canopy, you will notice the banner and corporate name. It is an excellent way of introducing your company’s font, colors, and logo. Most business owners will ask for slight adjustments to the top portion of a canopy for year-after-year use.
  • Adjustable backdrop. The backdrop is what consumers see as they walk up to your canopy. We recommend customizing it with your product or service you will be introducing. If you are going to build brand recognition, we can update the banner from last year to focus on your name instead.
  • Custom colors. We paint the canopy in your custom colors. These remain the same every year that you use the product.

Retractable Banner Stands are the Workhorses of the Atlanta Trade Show Circuit

budget-friendly Atlanta trade show displaysVirtually every exhibitor in the know will choose retractable banner stands. They add on to a booth or canopy. Besides that, you can store the rolled-up banner inside the stand. Therefore, these signage products are effortless to transport while protecting the good looks of the graphics.

Best of all, you can use the stands with a broad range of different banners. Doing so does not lock you into one specific look. As a result, you can have our sign shop customize your banner presentation for each expo, community event, and trade show that you attend. The banners themselves consist of vinyl or fabric, depending on your preference.

Table Throws Present Brand Colors and Support Other Brand Displays

budget-friendly Atlanta trade show displaysDo not treat the table throw as an afterthought. For starters, it dresses up the tables you bring to the venue. Secondly, it is a great opportunity for pulling together the brand display of your booth or canopy. The clad table can stand alone, which makes it ideal for presenting your products a few feet away from the booth. Besides that, a treated table is ideally suited for handing out samples and answering questions of consumers.

How to Order Your Next Set of Atlanta Trade Show Displays

Do you already have a display that needs to be updated? We can help. Maybe you are looking for a first-time presentation that hits all the right notes. Our team can assist you with that, too.

Determine what size booth you will present with this year. From there, we can show you the options that are open to you. An insular booth will, by default, have different accessories than a standard ten-foot-by-ten-foot setup. Most importantly, we help you with the determination of your brand displays.

Contact us today to schedule your design appointment!

budget-friendly Atlanta trade show displays