Ask Us About Channel Letters for Military Recruitment Centers

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When the Marines call, you answer. And we did. We received an inquiry from the local office to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of channel letters for military recruitment centers. At that time, we scheduled a consultation appointment to visit the location and get more information about this client’s needs.

Presenting an Eye-Catching Signage Product that Communicates a Well-Known Brand Message

Channel Letters for Military Recruitment Centers

The Marines are situated right next door to the Army. Since there is a bit of friendly rivalry going on, the client asked if we could heighten the visual impact of the channel letters. No problem! We proposed the design of a marker featuring the iconic font and logo of the Marine Corps. We proposed the creation of three-dimensional channel letters that we would then mount to an aluminum backer panel. This step gives added dimensions to the display.

Because we used a matte, dark surface, it also creates a visually interesting background for the bright white illumination the channel letters present after dark. To the left of the letters, we placed a round lightbox cabinet that features the eagle, globe, and anchor emblem of the Marine Corps. Another advantage to displaying the lettering in this manner is the color differentiation between the façade and channel letters. Since the façade features cream tones, it makes sense to set apart the white of the lettering with the black background feature.

Aluminum Pan Backer Panels Work Well in a Variety of Settings

Channel Letters for Military Centers Atlanta

Adding dimensions to any kind of display is only one function that this product performs. It also serves as a color contrast when a façade and a corporate color palette are too similar in nature. Case in point is the sign for the Marines. Some business clients like to use backer panels because they allow for the presentation of geometric shapes that may be part of a larger brand message setup. In these scenarios, the board may take on the look of one of these forms. It might also feature a vinyl overlay that we imprint with more intricate shapes and gradient color presentations.

Lit or Unlit Lettering?

Channel Letters for Strip Malls

We typically recommend the installation of illuminated channel letters. Light attracts attention, and when you invest in building signage, you want plenty of eyeballs to take in your message. The majority of our clients prefer the front-lit option that allows light to shine brightly through colorful or white polycarbonate facings. However, another option that also has merit is the backlit appearance. It lets the light escape from the back of the lettering and from there reflect off the wall. This look results in a halo effect.

How to Order Channel Letters for Military Recruitment Centers

If your recruitment center needs a new façade signage setup, we can help. Discuss your plans with our graphic artists to find out how easy it is to catch the eyes of passersby and motorists alike. We serve branches of the armed forces in and around Cumming, Atlanta, Johns Creek, Roswell, and Alpharetta, GA. Call us today to learn more!

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