Affordable Retractable Banner Stands for Atlanta GA Events and Trade Shows

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You see banner stands all around the trade show hall. They come in a variety of sizes. What impresses is the clarity of the print and the ease with which you can transport the products. How could you add affordable retractable banner stands to your trade show signage lineup?

Choose Your Display Goal

affordable retractable banner standsWhat do you want to communicate to the consumer at the event? For some business owners, it is the introduction of a new product. Others highlight the expansion of a services menu. Even if you are not adding new items to your list, remember that a brand introduction is always a good option.

Determine the Booth Setup

affordable retractable banner standsAre you making a splash with a large booth? Tall retractable banner stands could be advantageous. Conversely, are you attending with a small booth display? In this case, you may be better served with a tabletop retractable banner and stand. If you do, remember to order a customized table throw and runner as well.

Sizing and Banner Presentations

affordable retractable banner standsThe tabletop banner typically measures about 54 to 59 inches in height. Full-sized retractable banners might range from 64 inches to 90 inches in height. When you want the flexibility of featuring banners of differing heights, remember that you need a stand, which can accommodate the alternative sizes.

Next, find a base that lets you use the types of banners you want to feature. For double-sided presentations, you might need something a little different from the standard single-sided setup. Therefore, we recommend erring on the side of functionality.

Nobody ever bought a dual-sided retractable banner and stand to regret this decision. That said, plenty of business owners wished they could have reached out to trade show attendees across the hall that were only looking at a blank back surface.

Do You Need Add-Ons?

affordable retractable banner standsThe typical add on is an illumination option. These clamp on to the top of the frame and run a wire discreetly to the bottom, where you plug it in. It frees you from having to depend on hall illumination or ambient lighting. Similarly, it lets you stand out in areas where there is not much light. Most importantly, you can highlight your banner’s message with the strategic placement of light and text.

Beyond the Trade Show Hall

You do not have to limit your retractable banner stand presentation to the trade show. There are other times when this display could come in handy. For example, why not explore local events where you can present your brand information to introduce more consumers to your business?

Another option is a display table presentation for customer education in the lobby. Far too often, business owners miss out on great marketing and branding opportunities by storing banner stands rather than using them year-round.

Ordering Affordable Retractable Banner Stands

Meridian Signs and Graphics is your go-to location for inexpensive but high-quality banner products and stands. We serve the business communities in and around Atlanta, Cumming, Milton, Buford, Alpharetta, Duluth, Suwanee, Roswell, Johns Creek, Woodstock, and Canton. Contact us today!

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