ADA Signs in Alpharetta GA: Are You in Compliance?

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ADA Signs in Alpharetta GAComplying with the rules set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects you from fines and lawsuits. When you go above and beyond the call of duty by installing ADA signs in Alpharetta, GA, storefronts or office spaces that are not required by law to have them, you present yourself as a caring business owner who goes the extra mile for visually impaired clients and customers. Putting a dollar value on this type of advertising is impossible.

Since there is a lot of confusion about the letter of the law, and about the way it differs from earlier versions, we have put together a list of highlights that any business owner or office manager can use.

The Difference between Standard and ADA Signage

ADA Signs in Alpharetta GA

The ADA governs the use of acceptable lettering fonts (Arial or Helvetica Regular work well), color contrasts, and character heights. Braille 2, rather than Braille 1, is the version of choice. You may pick from a pre-approved list of tactile characters and pictograms. The law further specifies appropriate installation locations and heights. When you order standard signs, you are in charge of making all of these decisions with your branding message and marketing appeal in mind.

Which Signs Must Comply?

Your building directory, logo board, room occupant signage and temporary displays do not have to meet ADA standards. Signage that identifies a permanent room allocation, enhances visitor safety, and provides directional instructions to clients do have to comply. Examples abound.

  • Permanent room markers. Identify the conference room, restrooms, and the location of the public water fountain with a sign that spells out the space’s function with raised letters as well as Braille 2.
  • Exit locations and stairwells. Make it easy for visually impaired clients to evacuate independently in case of an emergency. Label directions to the exits as well as floor information in stairwells with compliant signage. You may omit raised characters from ceiling-mounting exit signs.
  • Room or suite numbers. It makes sense to welcome clients to your office with a sign that lists the venue’s number. Although you do not have to spell out the occupant’s name in Braille 2, it is a good idea to do so for additional wayfinding convenience.

Ordering ADA Signs in Alpharetta, GA

ADA Signs in Alpharetta GA

When you work in close collaboration with our graphic artists, we ensure that you only order the signs that you need. In fact, we routinely visit clients’ locations to inventory ADA compliant signs that are already set up. In a few cases, the only steps needed are a repositioning of the markers and the addition of Braille 2. For those clients who miss compliant signage, we create a list of products.

Armed with this information, you are now in the driver’s seat of making your signage selection and incorporating company-specific style elements. Although you do have to comply with the color contrast rule, for example, it is usually possible to include at least one of your company’s colors that we then pair with a contrasting tone. Contact us today to schedule a client consultation to discuss these products further.

ADA Signs in Alpharetta GA: Are You in Compliance?