5 Rebranding Signs to Make Over Your Alpharetta GA Business!

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When business clients contact the experts at Meridian Signs and Graphics to discuss the process of rebranding signs in Alpharetta, GA, we usually mention a checklist of marker products. The goal is to ensure that we do not forget to include any signs that then contradict the display of a consistent branding message. Which are the products that we recommend you focus on right away during any rebranding?

1. The Exterior Sign Addresses a Changing Audience

Exterior Rebranding Signs Alpharetta GA

There is a good chance that you decided on a rebranding because your target demographic is changing. Perhaps the initial demographic has aged out of the pool of likely buyers or clients. The next generation has a different set of tastes and expectations. It is in this setting that your rebranding efforts are the most visible to the broadest audience possible. Present yourself with something as simple as an upgraded exterior sign (switch from older dimensional letters to channel letters) or a marker that shows off new company colors, fonts and logo tweaks.

2. A Lobby Sign Differentiates You from the Competition in Your Niche

Lobby Rebranding Signs Alpharetta GA

While the building sign brings in the consumer, the lobby sign must continue the discourse and show that your company is still relevant in a changing business climate. This is particularly crucial when new competitors are nipping at your heels. Show the innovative side of your business, and highlight the evolution that your company has undergone. Opt for something dramatic like a three-dimensional foam sign or go for the cutting edge look with a clear acrylic panel and metal dimensional letters.

3. Wall Murals or Graphics Demonstrate Relevance to Today’s Consumer

Rebrand with Wall Graphics in Alpharetta GA

Why should a shopper buy from your store, when down the street there is a current competitor with all the latest gadgets and signage? The answer could be simple: your brand is more relatable than the brand represented by high-tech gizmos and gadgets. To make your brand significant, use wall murals or graphics that show consumers interaction with your product and the positive outcomes it promises. Adapt the visuals to modern society rather than the idealized version that your print ads may have shown two decades ago.

4. Interior Dimensional Lettering Cuts the Clutter

Rebrand with Interior Dimensional Letters in Alpharetta GA

Does your rebranding effort include a consolidation of multiple products and services that you previously marketed under a variety of line names? Although it is tempting to do so to create the potential for a broader appeal, it is often a mistake to go beyond two or three product lines. If you have done so in the past and are now combining them again under one umbrella, let your interior lettering follow suit by demonstrating a streamlining of your operations. Dimensional letters cut down on clutter, communicate effectively and appeal with a sleek presentation.

5. Vehicle Graphics Remind Consumers of Your Staying Power

Use vehicle wraps to rebrand in Alpharetta GA

Part of any successful campaign that includes rebranding signs in Alpharetta, GA, has to be the nod to the company’s past. Demonstrate your staying power with vehicle graphics that reference your old logo and font as well as the new setup. In so doing, you show that your business successfully weathers changing market conditions.

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