4 Tips on How to Choose Trade Show Displays for a Successful Event

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Trade Show Retractable Banner Stands AtlantaWhat goes into the creation of the ideal trade show setup? Do you know how to choose trade show displays Atlanta event attendees will clamor to visit? On the flip side, have your setups been somewhat hit or miss, with plenty of folks just passing by but not really paying attention? There are four ways that you can turn this around and choose trade show displays with success in mind.

1. How Much Do You Need?

There is a saying warning that too much of a good thing is still too much. This applies to trade show displays, too. While on paper it might sound like a winning idea to cram display pieces into every square inch of your allotted booth space, this approach backfires when consumers are actually turned off and do not visit your setup. The mistake is easy to see: The display is too busy. It lacks focus.

You need to have one focal point that determines the tone of your booth. Backlit films are today’s eye-catching technology. From there, determine the number of banner stands, posters and display racks by ensuring that passersby have an unfettered line of sight to the backdrop. Cut back on anything that takes away from your marketing message.

2. Choose Your Locations Wisely

Trade Show Table Throws AtlantaWhenever possible, opt for the booths with the largest footprints. Corner lots are always better than being sandwiched in between other displays. Of course, there are times when you have little or no control over this display setup. In this setting, choosing the location of your displays with care becomes the call of the hour.

Banner stands have the power to diminish distraction posed by neighboring merchants. Hanging banners have a way of shutting off visual access to the booth behind you. Tall banner stands demand attention; place them at your booth’s entrance.

3. Vary the Look

Although a cohesive booth setup is necessary, it does not call for abject uniformity across all media. Nothing is more boring than a booth that lacks individuality and some quirky touches along the way. Our technicians routinely work with business owners who incorporate the use of oversized poster graphics with hanging banners and texture-rich table throws. Even though you strive to make the overall impression harmonic, not every surface has to be identical. This calls for expertise and frequently for professional assistance.

4. Durability can be a Good Thing

Trade Show Displays AtlantaWhat trade show graphics should I buy for Atlanta? If your backroom is already filled with a variety of them, you might be tempted to say “none.” This is not necessarily the truth. Although most posters, banners and similar materials are now manufactured to last at least a couple of seasons, the creation of an updated and consistent look frequently calls for the use of new components along the way.

Rather than putting together a display from used pieces or buying everything new, talk to the experts at Meridian Signs and Graphics first. We work with you on taking inventory on what you already have, creating a look for the upcoming trade show season and putting together a display setup that wows attendees and the competition.

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