4 Retail Store Signage Ideas to Boost Brand Identity

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Helping your customers to connect with your brand message may convert shoppers into buyers. Granted, when you are the only vendor for a particular product, this step may not be as crucial. But when you carry merchandise that competitors also have on their shelves, you need to engage the consumer with your brand message that persuades her or him to buy from you rather than go elsewhere. We have 4 retail store signage ideas to achieve just that.

1. Channel Letters Highlight a Font and Color Selection

4 Retail Store Signage IdeasIt does not matter if you sell haircuts, groceries, or fine furniture, presenting your corporate font and color palette is a must. Both are aspects of your brand displays, and it makes sense to introduce your business’ location with them. We typically suggest the use of illuminated channel letters. (Make a mistake here, and your nearest competitors’ signs light up while yours remains dark.) Choose from front lit or halo lit presentations, which will further underscore the brand message.

2. Window Graphics Pique the Interest of the Consumer

 4 Retail Store Signage IdeasWhile the building sign is a wayfinding tool, the use of window graphics falls more under the marketing and branding umbrella. These products come in three distinct packages.

  1. Perforated graphics. If you want the light to stream inside your venue, and you like to be able to see outside, a perforated vinyl window graphic is the ideal product selection. Feature images of your products, co-brand with a manufacturer’s logo, or highlight the reasons why buying from you saves money.
  2. Opaque decals. When you do not worry too much about obstructing the view, opaque decals are just fine. We often create these to present the company’s name and logo display so that the windows echo the building sign’s message.
  3. Wraps. When your store windows do not have attractive presentations, it may be best simply to close them off with wraps. We imprint the vinyl with bold colors and brand messages as well as advertisements to entice shoppers to step just a little closer.

3. Wall Graphics Define a Space and Allow for Multiple Branding Opportunities

4 Retail Store Signage IdeasCombining colors, shapes, lettering, and ambiance-creating images has never been simpler than with wall graphics. Incidentally, they are also a retailer’s best friend for branding purposes. Because of our customization options, you have virtually unlimited opportunities to use the walls inside your store for brand presentations. Create engaging product displays that highlight feature-rich selections. Combine a services menu alongside a merchandise listing to show just how your customer service is different (better) than that of the nearest competitor.

4. Lobby Signs for Retailers

4 Retail Store Signage Ideas

Do retailers need lobby signs? You bet! The next time you visit the grocery store, look up. You are bound to see it there. Those operating an office already know that the lobby sign is indispensable for branding. Retailers, too, need to recognize the importance of these signage solutions.

Need More than 4 Retail Store Signage Ideas?

Of course, these signage products are just a starting point. Each business has its individual marker needs. If you are unsure where you could go from here, or if you would like additional ideas, simply discuss your thoughts with our branding product experts.

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4 Retail Store Signage Ideas