3M Envision Vehicle Wrap Films Are Eco-Friendly!

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3M Envision Vinyl Car Wraps are Eco FriendlyAre you looking for eco-friendly vehicle wrap films? Atlanta members of the business community are looking to the professionals at Meridian Signs and Graphics to provide information and products that meet their needs. In turn, we look to the manufacturer of 3M films to provide us with the types of products that are not only durable, look great and make mobile marketing easy for our clients, but also present an answer to our environmental concerns.

This is why 3M Envision wrap films truly stand out. Going to pack to a press release from 3M, the manufacturer has referred to this product as offering “leading edge technology and best-in-class performance with a sustainability edge.” What makes the product a favorite of our clients, and how is it more environmentally friendly than other films that are still on the market?

  • Superior performance. Envision wraps are suitable for all vehicle types and may even be installed on walls. They are appropriate for all temperatures and neither over-stretch, soften or get brittle. UV rays do not damage the great look of the wrap material. Suitable for a wide range of ink products, each photo or colorful image imprinted on the Envision product looks crisp and clear.
  • Easy removal. When you decide to have the wrap removed – perhaps your vehicle lease is up or maybe you are re-branding your signage and need an updated look for your vehicles, too – the product comes off quickly. Since Envision does not easily tear, we simply uninstall it in big sheets and return your vehicle to its original look.
  • The environmental edge. You might think that this level of performance is hard on the environment, but this is simply not the case. For starters, 3M does not use PVC or phthalates in the Envision film. During the manufacturing process, it is not necessary to rely on halogens such as chlorine. This protects the environment from the beginning of the wrap’s creation. Because fewer solvents are also used – to the tune of 60 percent – you know that this product is much more environmentally friendly than competitors’ films. But there is one more advantage that benefits you, our client: eligibility for LEED credits.

3M Vinyl Vehicle Wraps AtlantaAll around, 3M Envision vehicle wraps are a superior product line that makes your vehicle vinyl wraps pop and protects the environment in the process of manufacture. When you want to have your cake and eat it, too, then this is the product that delivers you the advantages you have been looking for.

Getting started on your vehicle wrap is easy. Simply talk to our friendly professionals to discuss your vehicle wrap needs. Are you thinking of adding a full or partial wrap? Do you drive a standard vehicle or have you upgraded the vehicle with after-market parts? We will invite you to bring your vehicle to our shop so that we can take measurements and discuss the placement of your marketing message and graphics. While you are here, why not take a look at the Envision wrap product for yourself? We are certain that you cannot help but be as impressed with the film as we are.

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