3 Signs for New Franchise Stores in Alpharetta

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More and more Americans are coming to the realization that being an employee at someone else’s company is not all that it is cracked up to be. Gripped by a spirit of adventure, bolstered by a modest savings account and interested in charting their own course, these folks are turning away from being employees and embracing franchise ownership.

With so many successful franchise opportunities out there, it makes sense that capitalizing on a company’s already existing name recognition is a great way to enter the business community. There are three signs for new franchise stores that you cannot do without after taking that momentous step. Do you know what they are?

1. Exterior Signage

Exterior Signs for New Franchise Stores in Alpharetta

Whether it is a channel letter sign, dimensional letters or a lightbox cabinet, you need to have a way for consumers to know who is doing business out of a storefront. Among all the signs for new franchises in Alpharetta, GA, this is the most important marker you will invest in. Franchisors usually spell out in their contracts who is to commission the sign and foot the bill.

In addition, the company also provides you with the artwork necessary to put up a sign that identifies you as a part of the franchise. Yet you may not have to wait on the franchisor to make the move. If your contract allows you to get the signage yourself, now is the time to commission this marker from the experts. The longer you wait on identifying your business, the more foot traffic and impulse buys you miss out on.

2. Window Graphics

Window graphics for new franchise stores in Alpharetta

The windowpanes are already part of your storefront. You pay for them! Is it not time that they pulled their weight around the store? Installing window graphics gives you the power to capitalize on seasonal sales, products and opportunities. Whether you are getting ready for back-to-school or the winter holiday shopping season, inspire consumers to consider your products or services when thinking about the shopping associated with these occasions.

3. Promotional Banners for Your Storefront’s Exterior

Banners for new franchise stores in Alpharetta

The temporary nature of banner displays makes them an eye-grabbing addition to your exterior signage setup. These are the franchise signs Alpharetta, GA, businesses swear by when it comes to getting a quick boost in sales. Advertise a sidewalk or parking lot sale, offer special discounts on certain products or services, or highlight a new way that the company is providing a value-added experience to customers or clients. It is easy to incorporate your franchise’s artwork and use local style elements for branding.

Getting Started is Easy

The signage experts at Meridian Signs and Graphics routinely work with new and seasoned franchisees on their store signage in and around the Alpharetta area. We know what types of signage products work well and look forward to helping you enhance your interactions with consumers. We can work directly with your franchisor to get the artwork needed for the marker manufacture.

In addition, we are adept at creating signage packages that are geared toward the franchise owner with two or more local stores who wants to launch a concerted campaign to increase sales across multiple venues. Call us today to get started.

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